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Thread: Tripod allow in flight cabin

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    I travel around the world a lot on business and I have never met with any objection from the crew or airport staff whenever I bring the tripod(Manfrotto Xpro190) into the plane without a bag and just a shoulder strap. Even during domestic flight in US, China where they use a small 727, I have no problem getting it into the plane.

    But certain countries has hand luggage restriction that regardless of class of travel, you are only allowed 1 piece of hand carry. London Heathrow is one good example whereby my tripod and lap top will be in my hard luggage case and I will then handcarry the camera and lens.

    Whether it will be allowed on the plane or not will probably depends on the size of the plane...if your tripod cannot fit into the overhead compartment, either you will be asked to check in or the crew will stow it away for you.

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    Similar experience here - so far no problem - except one where the plane was too small - even then the cabin crew just kept for me at their 'their' place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vince123123 View Post
    I still recall that thread where the CS-er checked his tripod in and when it came out, it was all bashed up, mangled and destroyed.
    ...and in two pieces, if my memory serves me well.

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