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Thread: Going to cold temperate countries for holiday

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    If you do go south to Dunedin, they also have very nice pizza in one of the resturant. sorry....can't remember the name. Dunedin should be much colder than Milford sound but it has very nice buildings.

    Enjoy your trip!

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    Also, if you are going to any hot springs in the Christchurch region, avoid Hamner Springs. Go to Mariua Springs (Maybe wrong spelling), about another 45mins further west of Hamner. Quieter, not so commercialised (not crowded), and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, nice scenery!!!!!

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    but most likely i will goto beilhem for wine....
    need some planning on the trip from queenstown to christchurch. But only got 7 days for me to travel from Queenstwn to christchurh. Dunedin seems to be out of the way, way too south.

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