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    Hi I'm interested in time lapse photog such as this:

    does anyone know any simple and freeware programs i can use to convert images to a video file (with very short intervals in between to tet the time lapse effect)? I know quicktime pro does it but it's a bit expensive for me to buy just for that one function.

    I've already got the photos but i just need to convert to a movie file.


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    Oh yeah and preferably programs for a Mac, I do have a PC but it's quite old and slow =X

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    Try iStopMotion or something like that. It's free to try.

    I had it but the trial period has already expired.

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    There is a piece of free software called yawcam, which can take time lapse pictures on a webcam and assemble them into a movie:

    Unfortunately it is for PC only I think....
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