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Thread: SD to CF Card Adapter

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    Default SD to CF Card Adapter

    Hello! I was trying to find an SD/miniSD adapter to CF Card at SLS the other day.

    Something like this

    Would it work for my 400D ?
    Can't really find it, did I miss a shop or would Funan be a better place ?

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    Default Re: SD to CF Card Adapter

    Anyone ?

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    Default Re: SD to CF Card Adapter

    No point, transfer speed is slow.

    With cheap CF cards these days, not much point to get this.
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    Default Re: SD to CF Card Adapter

    Go to SLS.

    6th Floor - IT Image.

    Should cost you less than $40 for it.

    400D, i'm not sure. Should work. But i've tested on the 40D - Formatting reports as failed. But card is actually formatted. Able to write to the card as well.

    Good luck.
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