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Thread: Unable to view pictures on PC

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    Default Unable to view pictures on PC

    Need some help here guys

    I recently upgrade to D300. took some shots today and transfered to my PC

    However i can't view it on my PC. i do have the "Windows RAW Viewer" but it took forever to render and then hang.

    Next i tried to open with CS2. it says. it's not the right kind of document. what the hell?

    i then install the Nikon transfer, it's able to view but then programs then hangs.

    im using the Sandisk Xtreme III

    Any help will be appreciated
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    Default Re: Unable to view pictures on PC

    You should check the Adobe site for the last CS2 camera RAW update to see if the D300 is supported in CS2. Adobe likes to do a trick - if the camera came out after CS3, then no more camera RAW free upgrade for CS2, must buy upgrade to CS3. They've done this for years with every new release of PS.

    I can't help with the Windows problem, good luck!

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    Default Re: Unable to view pictures on PC

    Hi there,

    Photoshop CS2 will not be able to read D300 RAW files even if you update the ACR (Adobe Camera RAW). You will need to convert the RAW files into DNG for Photoshop CS2 to be able to read. About your computer hanging, I have no idea. One thing I do know is that Windows loves to 'hang' around. Just kidding. Ok bad joke. Hope that helps.

    Download the RAW to DNG convertor here:
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    Default Re: Unable to view pictures on PC

    most likely yr PC not enuff juice alr..

    try clearing up yr idling processes or upgrade yr ram too.

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    Default Re: Unable to view pictures on PC

    Thanks to DougJ and Hazmee. Googled and confirmed your solutions.

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    Default Re: Unable to view pictures on PC

    Glad it worked. One thing you can try with the Windows issue is to update the RAW (NEF) Codec. Both Canon (me) and Nikon produce a Codec for their proprietary RAW file format that enables Windows to view the thumbnail. This may or may not be the issue, but it's worth a try. You can do a Google for "nikon raw codec" and/or sniff around on the Nikon site.

    Good luck.


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