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    This is my first post here of photos I've taken. I don't know why only the link appears and not the photo itself...anyway

    "Trail of destruction"

    "A new master"

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    This is an impressive attempt Bro!

    I see I NosBLEED and soooo

    I love the contrast and sense of 'drama' created man, Bro.

    The effective use of DOF helps separate the subject from the background effectively Bro, and have to say I'm relieved you did not allow your moller to use those disgusting colored contacts or BBQ Skewers on the eyes. Good one Bro.

    However, moller seems to have one expression only. Photographer needs to communicate more and get the moller to relax and be more expressive.

    On the whole, very good effort Bro. Shoot more and improve Bro.


    Your Bro

    just teasing ...

    Great job, really! Might be a bit too warm for some, and I would have explored deeper shadows or areas of contrast with the lighting set-up.

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    Thanks for your in-depth analysis

    Here's a little deeper shadows as per your request.



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