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Thread: using 870mb CD-R

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    Default using 870mb CD-R

    any idea is there sort of criteria to burn a CD-R bigger than 700mb?

    Just bought a few pieces of 870mb CD-R. Using Nero burner, or toaster on a mac, when my data is bigger than 700mb, it will prompt my CD-R is 700mb and can't continue the operation.

    Has anyone done it before???

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    For nero burner, go File -> Preference -> Expert Features
    Tick the "Enable overburn disc at once burning" and set Max CD length to the capacity of the disc. Do remember that the max amt you can burn depends on your cdr drive as well. Certain drives are unstable when burning data exceeding 700mb.

    Do remember to set "Write method" to "Disc at once" if you're using "Track at once".

    Hope that helps.

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    If it does not work if you do the above then means your drive does not support it...

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    Thanks guys for the info. Tried, it didn't work. Probably is the CD-R, cos I used it on different recorder, yield the same error.


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