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    Took this shot at one the program interval....

    pls comment on the pic. like the composition, lighting.. etc..

    took this pic with canon S3.


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    woah, stage area. lighting cant say much cos nt u plan wan. pity the performers on stage blended in too homogeniously with the stage under that intense blue lighting. somehow the graininess make this shot appealing as it blurrs out the background.

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    yeah.. can't control anything... can only keep snapping... haha

    how can i reduce the noise when taking night shots? shld i set the iso to lower like 200?

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    it's quite noisy...not really focus...BUT i had the same results/problems wen i tried taking pics at the preview nite time for example:
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    haha.. makes me feel better.. at least i am not the only one with that noisy prob..


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