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    Hmm then can I argue that since I am being paid to do the work, the reproduced/altered work belongs to the client and therefore it's the client who will face infringement? Afterall, the commissioner owns the rights to any creative work (unless otherwise stated in writing).
    you very well know that reproduced the copyrighted material is an infringement, so you would have to get a written/signed document from the client that the client has granted the used of the material from owner before proceeding the work.

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    It looks like I misunderstood your original strategy.

    If you create the slideshow using other people's music, you have infringed on their rights by creating an unauthorised reproduction.

    My endorsement of your idea is more towards creating ONE version WITHOUT music for the client; and for the client to play his own music.

    However, I now note that an additional issue is the "syncing". In that case, can't you ask the client what music they intend to use with the slideshow, then create your slideshow so that it syncs with that particular track. Then you give your slideshow WITHOUT music and ask the client to play the music with the slideshow.

    The personal favour argument will not save you from infringement.

    The editing argument may work but in either case, if you want to cover all bases, you will then need to client to give you an indemnity against infringement. That is quite a hurdle to cross.

    Quote Originally Posted by pianodancer View Post
    Just to be clear, so far I have been compiling the background music in my slideshows for clients. I am just stating the underlying intent that by requesting the clients to provide their own music to me, my job is to sync the slideshow to the music that they appoint.

    But now from what I gather from vince and TheQuestion responses, it is definitely a great idea to provide 2 slideshow versions to clients: one without music, and one with music. Therefore, my liability is only to provide a music-syncing service on top of my visual slideshow creation. I can also argue that I am charging the clients for the slideshow without music, while the version with music is done as a personal favour.

    In similar context, I have clients requesting me to edit/remix copyright music to fit a certain length. My approach is that I am providing a service to mix music but I am not responsible for the copyright that the client has to bear when playing the music in public places. I also do not SELL the copyright music - meaning the client must provide the music for me to edit.

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