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Thread: Photography Course for beginners

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    Default Photography Course for beginners

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie to photography and this is my first post here. Have been browsing this very informative forum which was introduced to me by my good friend. Just bought a Canon 450 not long ago and still messing around with it. Very interesting indeed!!!

    I'm interested in attending some basic photography course and found out the PSS is organising a basic course of 12 lessons. Anyone has any comments about this course or has better suggestions?

    Anyone interested to join me in the course which I intend to take in late Sep or early Oct?

    Hope to know more friends out here as well as to learn from everyone.


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    Default Re: Photography Course for beginners

    You may want to check out Knowledge Bowl Training and Consultancy too.

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    Default Re: Photography Course for beginners

    Hi welcome to CS
    You can check out this link too :

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    Default Re: Photography Course for beginners

    Thanks for your welcome as well as the links to more options.

    I'll check it out and see which one to go to.


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    Default Re: Photography Course for beginners

    am considering a basic course too (most prob the knowledge bowl basic dslr). hope to really start shooting and know my eq. :P


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