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    This is my first time trying out food photography. The picture was taken when I was having dinner at TamPoPo @ Liang Court. The dish is a pork cutlet made from black pig meat.
    I wish to be critiqued on my composition and white balance. Most importantly, did the picture managed to whet your appetite ?

    Equipment used: Panasonic DMC-FZ8
    No flash used
    Focal Length: 6mm
    F-number: F/2.8
    Exposure time: 1/15sec
    Metering mode: Pattern
    Exposure compensation: 0 step

    Thanks in advance

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    i think it's a very impressive picture for the camera you were using. Was the pork katsu this yellow or more towards the brown side? Because the picture somehow looks a little over-yellowed. However, if you think that the colour in real life matches that of your picture, then i suggest you leave it as it is.

    i think the composition is very good too. Maybe you could've shifted the frame diagonally up and right so that you lead the reader's eyes around the picture even more. Strangely, the dipping sauce looks appropriate in the picture, but i can't imagine it in real life- dropping off the metal grille and onto the plate..that must be very messy! hahaha

    btw..which stall is tampopo? i frequent the same place as you but i have yet to discover it. i must be half blind without my glasses nowadays..hehe

    oh yes, and one more thing - i think you do not have enough depth of field towards the bottom of the picture. I would rather have that in focus as much as the top part of the katsu with the sauce on it.. Either that, or you shift the focus plane slightly more towards the bottom part of the pic

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    Mmmmm... looks delicious. Good composition and exposure. A great first try! Tampopo is located below Audio House, in the basement supermarket level.

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    kurobuta katsu ~

    feel your wb is a little warm, i.e. yellowish etc

    the metal rack of which the meat is on is brassy in color
    chezburgr i can haz?

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    being a tonkatsu fan, have to say it doesn't look appetising to me.


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