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    Default lap top... for photography


    can recommend a good value lap top to buy for photography and internet surfing and regular office work,

    cant afford Mac,.. he he.currently using toshiba.. with cs2 and one gig.

    budget up to 2000sing.

    preferably 4 gig.. or at least 2 gig.

    what do most of you all use..??

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    Default Re: lap top... for photography

    You can afford a MacBook easily. S$1700 or thereabouts for the entry-level model. But it's a Integrated Graphics card so don't expect to play much games on it. I use a pretty old Acer 5594WXMi which I bought last year at the IT show. I wouldn't advise getting Acer because mine is like on the verge of breaking down anytime now. In part, due to the memory-intensive Vista Home Premium OS and the insufficient cooling which leads to easily overheating when running many apps at a time. Sometimes even a notepad cooler isn't enough to cool it.

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    If u run vista 32-bit, the OS can only support 3 GB. So, not point upgrading to 4 GB.
    But vista 64-bit will support 4 GB.

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    2000sing can get you lots of stuff. Why not wait for the upcoming COMEX at Suntec 28-31st Aug.

    Recently I see prices dropping sharply. If you are going for windows, I recommend having a Centrino 2 processor - most of the current models don't have it yet. My experience with acer is quite bad. Compaq is still ok. But try Lenovo (IBM thinkpads)
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    Smile Re: lap top... for photography

    what about Hp entertainment laptop? any comment?

    is the high definition brightview Screen useful for picture viewing and editing?

    i going to buy 1, now still look around ....

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    Thumbs up for ThinkPads.

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    try this one....

    Monday, August 11, 2008
    Lenovo today has unveiled the ThinkPad W700, a widescreen 17 inch Windows laptop that has been developed expressly for the working digital photographer. In addition to CPU options that include Intel's new mobile quad core processor, a maximum of 8GB of RAM, up to three internal hard drives (two if you don't want to forsake the optical disc drive) and top-end Nvidia Quadro FX 3700M graphics, the W700 features an integrated screen calibrator and mini Wacom tablet plus both SD and CompactFlash card slots.

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    Default Re: lap top... for photography

    price ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kktan88 View Post

    budget up to 2000sing.

    preferably 4 gig.. or at least 2 gig.

    what do most of you all use..??
    you don't necessarily need a mac.

    for photo editing it is less strenuous than most people will tell you, unless you are a hardcore (professional) who needs to go through a lot of processing.. otherwise the standard core duo, a mid-range graphics card, 2-4gb ram, and a large hard disk will do you fine.

    should not exceed budget at all, the difference will only be the size and weight.


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