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Thread: Which is better C5050 or C750 ?

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    Default Which is better C5050 or C750 ?

    Hi, Please advise as to which camera is good coz i'm planning to purchase one.

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    My opinion is

    1. 5 megapixel
    2. fast lens f1.8 that allow you to take low lighting
    3. Black in color
    4. Better build
    5. Support 3 different type of media ( CF , SD and xD )
    6. Bigger LCD

    Overall : good for taking landscape and people portrait shots

    1. 10x zoom
    2. Cheaper
    3. Smaller and lighter

    Overall : good for landscape and nature including animal and birds shots

    so the choice is still depend on you .... both have good images quality
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    If u not taking anything in the dark, I think C750 f2.8 is enuff... and one more thing, 10x optical is cool


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