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Thread: where can i upload my photos?

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    it's good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by block306
    Yes but all these sites do not offer hotlink right? I mean I could append a url link to the site but the photo do not appear in the message body itself- one has to click to be redirected to the site.
    you have to use image tags [img]...[/img]

    just follow these simple steps...

    go to your chosen website (i.e. webshots...)
    go to your own gallery
    click on the pic that you want to post in CS.
    click on the "view full size"
    now you will see the url in the address bar with .jpg at the end
    copy the whole url...

    open a new thread in the photo gallery section in CS...
    paste the url you just copied
    add the [img] tag to the front of the url and the [/img] tag at the end of the url.

    [img]"" [/img]

    note: take out the qoutation marks (" ") . it was shown here for demo purposes only so that you can see the command line.

    add in a few blah blah blah..

    and tadaaa...

    you have to be sure that your pic can fit the computer that viewers dont have to use the scroll bar to see the whole pic.


    in webshots, if you click on your pic and it doesnt show the url with the .jpg at the end...right mouse click on the pic then select properties....
    from the properties window, you will see the address/url with the .jpg at the end..

    be sure to use the preview post button to see if you really did it right....

    Happy posting...

    oh... and there's always ...

    ClubSNAP's webspace plans are still the best
    makes things a lot easier... with other benefits too.

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    Thanks for the detail info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zorrus
    other than pbase, wat other webbie i can upload for free and can hot-link to here?

    try unlimited storage space and you can print it online too or call them to pick up your negatives at no extra cost!!

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