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Thread: Is there a lifespan for Wedding photographers?

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    Default Re: Is there a lifespan for Wedding photographers?

    definitely believe there's a lifespan to wedding photography. Even now i get the feeling that my style might not be "cool" enough for the younger couples in a few years, estimating around 10yrs time maybe even less.

    Can i upgrade my skills? yes. But can i upgrade the way i see the world? probably not. Hard to replace the aesthetics of "sesame street" which i grew up with, with the aesthetics of "high school musical" era generation. So what next? hopefully make enough before I am out of date so i can flip burgers at Macdonalds without having to worry about my finances.

    Hate to be a downer but that's a harsh reality for many photogs. Just look at who the biggest earners are 10 years ago and who they are now in the US and Australian fashion and wedding photography industry. very few of the same names are still up there.

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    I tend to disagree with this. Yes the cutting edge client wants a cool picutre style, but are they willing to live with no formals, no groups, no table shots, just arty shoots executed at the photog's whim ? Maybe be but how dated their book will look in 2 to 3 years time. Most cliets want a mix. Look at the top names in US, Australia - they give a balance package. The top 3 to 5 names may change but those are fad shooters, the top 50's are an interesting list to look at.

    Your shooting style should evolve hopefully along the direction the market is going, if it stays stagnant then be prepared for what is to come.

    The TS's old vet probably still produces the same style of pictures as he has for the last 40 years, this was called this cookie cutter style 'cos when you look over say 10 albums taken over a period of years, you could see the same shot with just a change of faces and bodies. The phrase "just like my xxxxxx's wedding" is a 2 edge compliment. Yes the body does not work so well for multiple wedding in sequence - even for young people. You owe your client the reponsibility to be able to cope with ther job - not go to a job half dead -- been there done that. Yeah can still deliver acceptable results but would not be happy as it is not the best of what can be done. It is a question individual have to work out - quantity or quality; loud noises of disatisfaction or loud noises of satisfaction which would you like ?

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    Interesting thread and its something which I and I believe most would have thought about since its about bread N butter.
    I think nowadays what the speed and how the world is moving, nobody will dare to predict anything. It has happened in many other regular industries + biz.

    Best way to protect yourself, stay updated as well as DIVERSIFY. Even on top of having a regular job and shooting, you can open other biz, have passive income. It doesn't even have to be in Singapore if the rent and startup costs is very high here (lots of opportunities in Indonesia believe it or not). Yes, I believe there is an expiry date for the photographer in his prime and peak years earning good money. Since 2 years ago whenever I meetup with couples, i would ask them whether or not they would hire me if I were to be older like say 45. Many said no. Heck personally when I got married my VG and PG (none other than Joho LOL!) are the young full of energy type, my wife rejected an old uncle.

    Anyway, its an uncertain world, live and let live as nothing is forever.
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    Default Re: Is there a lifespan for Wedding photographers?

    Is there a lifespan for Wedding photographers?

    Yes, everyone dies. . . dot dot dot

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    Default Re: Is there a lifespan for Wedding photographers?

    Joe Buissink became a wedding photographer only in his 40s... and only after having quit his well paying job as some vice-president of some music company to go and study neuropsychology which he later realised that he may take too may years of training to be a qualified neuropsychologist...

    So does age matter? It really depends on the individual...

    If in your mind you think your shelf-life is over then it will be so. for you.. but if you are passionate about something, even if you are 70 or 80 or 90 you will still be shooting although you would need help from assistants to help move th equipment and maybe you around...

    And if you take care fo your health, even in your very senoir years you can still be up and around taking shots... perhaps maybe a bit slower but with well honed skills I'm sure you still can get the shots... and remember Jack LaLane, the godfather of fitness... although already in his 90s he is as fit as a 50 year old... check out his website

    So is there a shelf-life for a wedding photographer? Yes if you think so. No if you don't, take good care of your healthy and stay fit.

    "Age is mostly a matter of mind. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." ~ Mark Twain

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