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Thread: Benro, reliable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Ywain View Post
    Hi guys, I'm interested in buying my 1st tripod for my 400D mostly for landscape shots. Cause' I'm a student on budget, I can't really splurge on a manfrotto and the alternative seems to be benro. I've heard bad things about the brand's interior quality, especially of its ball head though.

    Can anyone advise me on which stuff from benro is reliable, which is not? Weight not much issue... preferably 1.5m at least.
    I looking at Benro Tripod A158
    I don't mind pan heads if they're more reliable (:
    if weight is not an issue, i strongly suggest that u get a heavier but cheaper lower end manfrotto instead.

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    What's the cost of manfrotto 190XPROB after discount?

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