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Thread: dry cabinet recommendation?

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    Default dry cabinet recommendation?

    need a dry cabinet for my camera...
    was looking at db-036, any idea how many lens with 1 body can it contain?
    or any other dry cabinet to recommend? where to buy?
    how heavy is dry cabinet usually? will i be able to carry inside mrt?

    thanks for helping

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    Default Re: dry cabinet recommendation?

    Consider buying a larger capacity for future expansion, maybe least 60l and above. u may order through digihub website and for certain models, they deliver to ur home.

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    Default Re: dry cabinet recommendation?

    Most camera shops have the small models in the shop for display. Have a look there to see how much space you will get. Do consider future expansions of your lens collections as well as other items that you might want to store in a dry cabinet. I also use it to store important documents that must not get mouldy.
    The 30l and 50l shouldn't be an issue to carry. But MRT staff might consider the box as too bulky.

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    Default Re: dry cabinet recommendation?

    thanks everyone, i'll try ordering from digihub then


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