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    I'm currently helping to produce a new TV programme for Mediacorp Ch 5 which traces Singapore's iconic buildings past and present.

    As part of the programme, we are looking for "Living Voices" which is someone who has either worked in the building before and can share with us his/her personal experiences and anecdotes. Alternatively, it will be a person who has very strong and fond memories of the place and has visited it many times.

    We are hoping to track down interview subjects to share their memories of buildings like Capitol Theatre, Van Kleef Aquarium and Asia Insurance Building.

    It would aso be great if any enthusiasts here have original pictures of these buildings and would like to contirbute to our programme.

    Please feel free to contact me on my email if you are interested or have any queries. Thanks!!


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    does the case study get paid?

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    Were you on skyscrapercity forum?

    Use national archives portal at

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    Thanks for your replies.

    Unfortunately we will not be paying for case studies. It will be on a volunteer basis. It would be great to hear old stories and memories from people who have actually worked or experience a fond connection with these buildings. Memories of first dates at the Capitol or weekend with the family at the Van Kleef Aquarium. Many people during that period of time have similar fond memories of the building. For younger Singaporeans, we hope we can share with them a little bit more of our colourful history. For us, we just hope to be able to archive something which is slowly fading away with time.

    Yes, I have a post on Skyscrapercity forums as well. And thanks for the link to National Archives. We are using them for research quite extensively. However, we hope to get unique materials such as photos or old super 8mm film stock and even your personal experiences which only can be found by reaching out. Your support would be priceless.

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    It may be easier to ask those folks still working at the 7th Storey Hotel before it's demolished and you got to track them down in the future.
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