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Thread: worth buying Diamond for lady?

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    well if it can save your life, why not... haha jk jk.... what i can say is that everyone will have a softspot for smth in life, be it material or immaterial, it jus happens that theirs is diamonds, ours is cameras lor.... If u really would like to make her happy( and she is happy upon receiving a diamond) , the jus go get it lor, it is ok to pamper her once in a while.... Just think of it, how would you feel if she buys u a 20K EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM to thank you for always being there for her all these yrs?? thats how she will feel when u buy her a diamond.... she will feel appreciated.... but of course dun need to buy 20K diamond la....

    Anyway if u want to find someone to blame, blame it on NW Ayer, De Beers and most imptly, Frances Gerety. For those of u who catch no balls, NW Ayer is the advertising firm which was engaged by Diamond dealer, De Beers back in 1947 i think. Frances Gerety was the guy who worked for NW Ayer and came up with the slogan "A DIAMOND IS FOREVER".

    This slogan made all women over the world craze abt diamonds since then....

    And it was subsequently voted as the advertising slogan of the century by some advertising magazine....
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    Here is a simple narration about this so call "gem".

    "I thought/wished more people knew about this. I was taught this 15 years ago in high school. Diamonds are largely overrated, and there are many more jewels that are more attractive in appearance.

    It totally infuriates me that people think that there is some sort of long-standing tradition of giving diamonds, when it's really only been a couple of generations.

    What better way to say, "I want to start a life together with you" than to demonstrate good judgement by blowing 20% of your annual income on a near-worthless symbol of your partner's lack of criticality/intelligence in the face of corporate advertising? Get something useful, like a down payment on a home or maybe a car."

    Women who are attracted to this worthless transparent stone can take note of this:

    1. Diamonds are still a waste of money!
    Diamonds are Priced Well Above Their Value
    Diamonds Have No Resale or Investment Value

    2. Have you ever tried to sell a Diamond?

    3. The Diamond Invention

    Perhaps for those who already bought one, you have no choice of returning to the seller.
    However you will be much wiser to get just a simple ring (I prefer white gold) if you want to present it to your loved ones as a token of your hate/love emotions.

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    2 things:

    1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
    2. Perception holds more value that truth

    - again, its not about what we (as husbands) think
    - perceived value is what the precious gems industry is all about.

    what price do we put on love?

    it is the symbol, not the item itself.

    1 + 1 is not equals to 2 in this case.

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