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    Hey everyone!

    I'm new to ClubSnap!
    So anyway, I managed to get my hands on to a Konica TC-X.
    It was a camera that my dad used manymany years ago!

    And the thing is right now, I can't wait to try out this camera!
    Anyone has any comments on this old, vintage thing?

    Let me know, thanks!

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    hah...i have a tc-x too. my first slr. easy to use but shutter priority. my battery compartment cover broke off so can only do manual metering.

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    Wow I'm so excited to hear someone other than me using this camera, I love my Konica TC-X, have taken great photos with it. Its a fully manual camera and one of the smaller SLR out there. However my metering needle is not working anymore, have to estimate exposure with my eyes. Two complains i have is the viewfinder is too dark and sometimes my shuttle jams or doesn't open fully, other than that i absolutely love it, using it with a 40mm hexanon. What's the lens you are using with?

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    Maybe you can send your cam for servicing to see if they can fix the needle and sticky shutter.
    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galdor View Post
    Maybe you can send your cam for servicing to see if they can fix the needle and sticky shutter.
    will probably cost more than the cam.

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    Yeah, my battery compartment broke off too!
    Actually, when my dad gave it to me it was already broken.
    Ooh, I'm excited to start using it!
    Haha, but I've yet to buy film!

    I have the Hexanon lens too, and another Sigma lens?
    Haha I'm still a newbie, so I'm gonna start with the Hexanon lens first.
    The Sigma lens, is so heavy ane huge.

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    The Hexanon lens will serve you well i believe, and i forgot to welcome you to clubsnap. My name is Keith and I welcome you to clubsnap! Here's a link to Konica TC-X manual if you need it.

    If you need any help on your Konica, feel free to ask so. Meanwhile get some film and have fun shooting.

    P.S. thks for advice, sticky shuttle and broken needle, not much problem, enjoying film.


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