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    Default Karate Kid

    Model: NIKON D50
    ISO: 400
    Exposure: 1/320 sec
    Aperture: f/8.0
    Focal Length: 16mm
    Flash Used: Yes SB-600

    - Does the flash just enough to light the subject?
    - Does the framing and composition suits the subject?

    Feel free to comment and critic.
    Thanks for the suggestions and tips.

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    Kinda distracted by the background - the sitting couple, the [naked] boy figure and the lone sampan.
    Is it my eyes or the boy's facial features not sharp enough?
    Already abused my D40 and D80 for my flickr

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    foreground underexposed to me, cant see his legs also

    why u use f8? couldve stop up and lower iso imo

    and yes the silouhettes in the bacground is very distacting

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    a tad too cluttered because of the messy background. if this was without everybody else, i think there is potential. colors getting a tad too saturated here, the guy is starting to look too red.

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    Very good comment and critic and I do agree its kinda cluttered. I think i did to much on the saturation on the kids face which makes his face orange.

    I have another pic but this time its a version 2 of the karated kid shot in silhouette. I believe I was able to compose better without too much clutter on the background and focusing on the 3 kids as the subject with the nice background.

    I just adjusted the contrast and brightness in PS and that's all. Not sure if I had overdone the saturation part.

    Model: NIKON D50
    ISO: 400
    Exposure: 1/250 sec
    Aperture: f/8.0
    Focal Length: 14mm

    Feel free to comment and critic.

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    Firstly, please read the guidelines. There is a limit of one photo per week. This is to give sufficient time for elaborate critique on the photo.

    Now, while the second photo is up we might as well talk a bit about it. There's still quite a fair bit of clutter in the background so it still looks very messy. Guy on the left is impaled by a boat in the background, if you notice. I think the colours look alright on this one, since there's no skin tone present.


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