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Thread: Help: Holga 120CFN or 120GCFN

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    I am planning to purchase a Holga, but am current caught between the Plastic lens and the Glass lens.

    Anyone could be me some advise?

    Furthermore, what is the difference between a 120mm film and a 35mm? Is the 120mm photo output nicer? Is it only a slight negligible difference? Other than the 35mm being more value for money.


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    Or is it more recommended to get the Lomo LC-A+ / Diana F+?

    Anyone can eleborate further on these cameras too?

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    When you consider a Holga, you're going for the funky effects rather than quality of components. Therefore I would go for the plastic lens, that makes the camera more affordable as well.

    120mm film is a larger size than 35mm (obviously), so if you're comparing in "digital" terms, you get more "resolution".

    Try it, it's low entry cost and the "retro" feel you get from the images could be addictive.

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    the GCFN is abit sharper than its plastic cousin, some say too sharp.. hahaa.. you can check out my flickr photostream for some sample shots from my Holga 120GCFN..

    don't really have much experience on the LCA, but the Diana is almost the same as a Holga..

    one last thing, there's a whole subforum devoted to these kinds of toy cams, you should take a look there..

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