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Thread: Pasting Photos on NON-ACID-FREE paper. Detrimental ?

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    Default Pasting Photos on NON-ACID-FREE paper. Detrimental ?

    Acid free paper is bloody expensive. Its madness. I recently got a heavy weight art scrap book with normal black paper. If I use it to sticky photos (Both REAL photos and PRINTED bubblejet ones) using photo corners, will the photos be subjected to some kind of torture down the road ? If it does ( I have no doubts abt it ), issit really bad ...and how long will the symptoms show ? In other words, should I stay clear and buy those expensive acid free paper, or be a cheapie and contend myself with slightly yellowed photos ?

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    The side effects usually take a long, long time (maybe years) to manifest itself. Of coz, if the paper is really bad, it show up faster. So if you really value the photos, don't cheap out. Heavily self-edit and mount only the very best.



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