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Thread: AE Lock/Metering on 400D

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    Default AE Lock/Metering on 400D

    how to i meter? using the half press shutter or the asterik (*) button on my 400D?

    let's say i am metering a merlion, do i point to the white parts of the merlion to meter and half press the shutter or use the asterik (*) button? it will do the AE Lock as well?

    very confused on this part. hope i can get more help here.

    but doing a AE lock i can lock the exposure that i lock and point to and recompose and snap the pic right?

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    Default Re: AE Lock/Metering on 400D

    Page 84 on your manual?
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    Default Re: AE Lock/Metering on 400D

    oh. hahaha. okok.! thanks


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