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Thread: Is it a good choice?

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    currently i got only a 300D, 18-55mm kit lens, a marco lens 55mm (dunno which brand as its not stated there), +1, +2 and +4 fliter.

    About the aperture locking how do i do it?

    I tried using the filters on very closes up but the picture quality came out is not sharp compared to using only the kit lens which is clearer n nicer.

    Thanks again for all the replies....learn alot from zac08 suggestions.....hehehehe.....

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    By not using a dedicated macro lens, you're definitely not going to get the same sharpness. You're using the old 18-55 kit (not exactly a very sharp lens to begin with) and then just stacking more and more cheap, no-name glass in front of it (those screw-on macro lenses are horrible), then still adding close-up filters. Of course it won't be razor sharp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eoscanon40d View Post
    I am also looking at going into macro photography and is currently considering the EF100mm f/2.8 lens from Canon. Is this a good one for long term wise as budget abit tight at the moment? Has the price went up as I thought some threads were saying their lens price is down? I checked Canon online and their pricing for EF100mm Macro was about S$899 but the pricing shown in CS is about 1K?
    "Good for long term" meaning?
    Able to sell off without much loss? Versatile? Durable? I would say all three of the above.

    Also, don't be mistaken that the lens is only good for macro work.

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    thks everyone for the reply....due to $$$ i got the Tamron 90mm ......hehehehe........thks everyone for the advises n info given......thks thks.....

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    happy shooting .

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    Congrats on the purchase; the Tamron is a great lens with popular among users. I went with the Sigma 150mm but if I ever strike lottery and want to pick up another macro lens, the Tamron 90mm is going to be it.

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    try 50mm f/1.8! or 55-250 IS pretty popular too.if you dont want to keep switching lens, good lens to consider. just my opinion

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    still trying to "milk" dry the 90mm but till now cant even got a 1% out of it.....hahahaha.....

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