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Thread: Shooting technique problem ?

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    Hi all, when i adjust my shutter speed to faster, my images get darker. i wonder why is this so. if say, i'm taking a photo of a moving object. how should i adjust the setting so that the image will be clear and sharp. thanks in advance for guidance

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    A faster shutter speed reduces the amount of light entering into your camera, hence your photos are darker.

    To answer your question better, you have to be more specific. What's the moving object? How fast is it moving? What kind of condition are you shooting in? Indoor? Outdoor? In any case, I suggest you start by familiarising yourself with some fundamentals on exposure by reading up. Common resources can be obtained from the internet, library or bookshops like Page One, Kino, Riceball, etc.

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    lower the aperature to f2.8 or lowest ur lens can go.. bump up ISO a lil.. thats more or less the most you can do on your settings.. other than that use a flash??

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