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Thread: Cannot focus with Close Up filters

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    Default Cannot focus with Close Up filters

    Hi All,

    I'm currently using a S602Z camera with a Ring Adaptor(55-52), step up ring(52-55) and Close Up filter. However, I can never focus correctly when I zoom in more than 2x using this setup.. Can anybody help me? Is it because the Step Up Ring creates some distance between the lens and filter? Can anybody please enlighten me on this.. Is it better to get a straight 55 - 55mm adaptor instead of the 55-52 and 52-55 setup?????


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    the focusing problem is not caused by the step up nor down rings. The closeup filter is the one

    using closeup filter , u have shallow DOF and mini. focusing distance to play with ..

    e.g. set ur cam to full zoom , macro mode off , with close up filter ... move ur cam to the object abt a distace of 20cm to 25cm ...

    this is how a closeup filter works ...
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