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Thread: CF card for Canon 400D

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    Default CF card for Canon 400D


    Like to get some advice.

    I am using a 400D and planning to get more CF cards for travel. I currently have 4Gb Sandisk ultra II.

    Since 400D is not exactly a very fast camera, would it be sufficient to use ultra II instead of extreme III? As in whether it would make any differnce on my cam if i were to get the more expensive and faster card or not?

    If not then i can save and buy the cheaper ultra II

    THanks for your advice.

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    Default Re: CF card for Canon 400D

    Do you find the Ultra II's data transfer rate slow now ? If not, there is no need to upgrade to a better card. I think just save the money and stick with Ultra II. The new ones have a up-rated speed of 15mb/s over the old one's 9mb/s too.

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    Default Re: CF card for Canon 400D

    I am using 2 4GB Ultra II and a 2GB Ultra II.. Seems to be working fine =)

    Did the calculations awhile back.. Not worth to get above Ultra II

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    Default Re: CF card for Canon 400D

    Thanks for your feedback

    GUess I will stick to the Ultra II then


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