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    Hey pple, need some advice ... was wondering what filters are needed to take concert photographs ... my main problem is the glare from stage lights ... Thanks!

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    if there are going to be multi colored strobes...forget about filters...

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    Default check first

    errr ... unless you are the appointed official photographer or have a press pass, better to check your ticket stud to see if photograghy will be allowed. Otherwise you might get over-zealous security personnel coming up to you.

    Went for the Sandy Lam Concert last year, she's a good sport, not only photography was allowed, she even looked at you if she could spot you capturing her.

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    Yeah was at Sandy Lam's also .. =) As far as I know, Indoor Stadium doesn't allow any photgrahy unless specifically allowed by the concert organizers. Suntec Convention is not so strict. And we have all those street fests and concerts at Fort Canning Park nowadays .... there'll be lots of opportunity .. =)

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