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    Was just wondering...

    Without flash, When I set my cam to P mode, the metering for exposure was the same as that of M, S and A mode (i.e all showed f2.8, 1s).

    However, when i turn on the flash,

    P: (f2.8, 1/60s) [the exposure compensation bar did not light up]
    S: (f2.8, 1/8s) [the exposure compensation already shows -3EV]
    A: (f2.8, 1/60s) [the exposure compensation>-3EV]
    M: (f2.8, 1/8s)[exposure compensation shows -3EV]

    Is this NORMAL?

    So which is the correct metering?

    I have tried other lighting condition with flash turned on. the metering for S, A, and M seems similar.(ie if one of the mode is -1EV, the rest will show the same] except P which seems to show that the exposure is correct.

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    First of all, what camera are you using?

    When you turn on your flash, the shutter speed for P & A modes will normal default to your x-sync speed (which sounds like 1/60 for your camera). The aperture will then usually be at the largest if you are taking photos at night. It can be smaller if you are using fill-in flash as the scene is still quite bright.

    In S mode, the fastest speed will be the x-sync speed. If it became 1/8s, then the last time you used the S mode, your shutter was set at 1/8s.

    With M mode, it usually goes back to your last setting that was used regardless of the current metering, which in your case was f2.8 1/8s

    The metering of the subject will still be correct as the flash will then adjust the power when you trigger the shutter through TTL flash metering. However, the background will then be dark as it is then underexposed. That's why most cameras have a night scene mode to keep the shutter open longer than the default x-sync speed. This will allow proper exosure of the background.

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    Thanx... using f80... but then again, why in P mode, there is no compensation shown while the rest of the mode showed compensation when using flash? Is that normal?


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