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    Sorry for the cheesy name! i usually dont do that! HAHA, well its almost the end of the month and short on cash also...
    ANW being cashless i stayed at home today staring into space then i saw a bottle of nail-polish remover and my jar of coins. i have no idea what i was thinking, no PP was done, This was the result...

    Plus two burnt fingers... from grabbing the jar after the shoot. it was HOT! if anyone else want to try it out, this fun and cheap thrill, TAKE NOTE. Jar-Fire-Burn-HOT!
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    i like the 2nd photos. nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by serametin View Post
    i like the 2nd photos. nice.
    maybe next time after my fingers have recovered, i shall shoot with more dof, to get the flames sharp as well, although i like the way it turnd out soft..

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    for some reason, i love the last one

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    try using a small torchlight shining into the glass...u can use a slightly faster shutter too

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    Quote Originally Posted by deklan View Post
    This is really nice!
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    Thanks all! hope you enjoyed viewing as much as i was snapping!

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    I'm gonna try flame photography with some alcohol handwash I have at home.. =D
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    Looking forward to the one with paper/polymer notes...


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