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Thread: Benro Tripod

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    Quote Originally Posted by egnaro View Post
    btw be it alu for CF, this shdn't happen.
    Totally agree. Just wondering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazmee View Post
    I have a Benro CF travel angel series. I paid 400+ plus and got it from Orient Photo.

    Things that I like about the Benro:
    1. Cheap

    Things that I don't like about Benro:
    1. The locking device isn't smooth. Mine has already started squeaking and can't lock in place at times.
    2. For S$400, I could have bought a Manfrotto with more useful features.
    3. I don't know if it will last heavy usage.
    4. Upon closer inspection, the materials used for Benro tripods are not even close to what you can get with say a Manfrotto.

    If I were to turn back time, I would have paid the extra $300 for a Gitzo and never have to look back at any other tripod again. Don't ever bother with Benro ballheads. Read here:
    thanks for the links and reads. As you know, i have been using Benro all along since i started Dslr-ing and more since i was doing pano and upgraded to a travel angel (C069 carbon fibre) from my old m128 carbon...sold my m128, now using KJ on the travel angel after selling the KS too.

    i am having the same problem as you Hazmee, a section on my travel angel's legs turn really squeeky and at times refuses to return to "kept" position and at times, the head does not hold my equipment as firmly as i need it to and my panoramic head kept moving when i am about to hit my shutter release. It's frustrating at times and i need my equipment to function well so, spending a bit more this time round to upgrade my tripod and heads and hopefully, can forget about my tripod woes once and for all.

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