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Thread: [Studiospace] Introduction to Basic Studio Lighting (2nd August 2008, SATURDAY)

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    Introduction to Basic Studio Lighting
    What is studio photography? How to use a strobe? How do I set up the lightings? What does high key means? Is studio photography very difficult? Is a model necessary in a studio photography session? These are the common doubts and queries when asked about studio photography.

    This introduction will help to clear away the doubts and questions one have on the subject matter.

    Who should attend "Introduction to Basic Studio Lighting"?
    This course introduces new users and oldhands of SLR/DSLR to studio photography. The aim is to clear the doubts and answer the questions pertaining to studio photography. And also gives the attendees a better idea in studio photography and how to set up a basic studio lighting.

    This is truely a beginner's introduction and appreciation to studio photography, without all the distractions and unnecessary hidden costs.

    So, how is it done?
    The course will be conducted in a interactive manner, whereby attendees will interact with the instructor and fellow attendees. There will be hands-on on the studio equipment and lighting set ups.

    This is not a shoot-a-model course, it's a course to introduce basic studio photography at an affordable price.

    What does it take to enjoy the session?
    An opened learning mind, a heart for fun learning moments, and a SLR/DSLR to record the learning.

    Course Outline
    (1) Introduction to studio environment
    (2) Studio lighting equipment and it's handling
    (3) Light meter and the relationship of f-stops
    (4) How to setup a proper studio lighting
    (5) The Lighting ratios
    (6) Demonstration of lighting concepts
    (7) Practical hands-on
    (8) Q&A

    Details as follows:
    Date : 2nd August 2008, Saturday
    Time : 10.00 am to 1.00 pm (3 hours)
    Location : STUDIO
    Level : Beginners and all
    Refreshment : Light refreshment will be provided
    Course materials : Provided
    No. of attendees : 4 (minimum to start) to 7 (maximum)
    Price : $55

    We will only start the class when the mininum pax is met. Alternatively, if you can form a group of 6, each person will only need to pay $50, this offer will be subjected to the min of 6 person, if someone backs out, it will be back to the normal fees. You can also choose a time slot of your convenience.

    Do not hesitate, take the step into the bigger world of photography.

    Booking Instructions:
    1. Kindly PM, sms (9645-6423) or email me with your name and mobile number to register,
    2. Payment details will then be sent to you via SMS,
    3. Shoot details will be sent to you via SMS after payment is made,
    4. My email :
    5. All bookings can be done online via

    This is another photographic experience brought to you by SYKESTANG in conjunction with STUDIOSPACE.

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    Default Re: [Studiospace] Introduction to Basic Studio Lighting (2nd August 2008, SATURDAY)

    2nd August 2008, Saturday, 10.00am - 1.00pm (3 hours)

    Slots still available for this session!

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    Default Re: [Studiospace] Introduction to Basic Studio Lighting (2nd August 2008, SATURDAY)

    Slots still available for this session!


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