View Poll Results: How often do you fire the flash?

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  • All the time! I can't imagine the world without those heavenly lightsource!

    22 7.72%
  • Depends. It's too subjective to make a statement.

    174 61.05%
  • Seldom. I can't tolerate those terrifying lightning poseurs!

    48 16.84%
  • What's a flash?

    11 3.86%
  • This topic is so lame it should get FLUSHED away :x

    30 10.53%
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Thread: Do you fire?

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    Default Re: Do you fire?

    I do not shoot with flash.For events, theres always my 50mm f1.2 and the ugly ISO 1200 on my D200.
    For night photography theres always my Manfrotto and the Arca-Swiss BH.
    If I really need big lights,I would use a strobe set-up

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    Default Re: Do you fire?

    Actually, even though I only have my pop-up flash. I find that flash is very important in some situations. With a good external flash with the right accessories it will help make your subject more smooth and more.

    So I vote for the second option!

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    Default Re: Do you fire?

    Some of us say that usually use the flash as a "fill in" light.

    When I use flash I either press the + or - button on the flash to suit the shot. Is this considered "fill in" light too?

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