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    Default Cleaning Kit...

    What cleaning kit should I get to maintain my lens??...
    any recommendations??

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    blower brush

    big piece of cotton cloth for externals wiping (eg rain drops)

    a piece of microfilter cloth for lens surface wiping

    thats all

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    Get a good large blower that you have to squeeze with your whole palm and not those tiny ones you squeeze with two fingers.

    You don't really have to wipe the lens surface unless you touch it with your fingers and leave finger prints. When that happens, use some lens cleaning paper (Kodak, or china made type from Ruby also can) after breathing on the lens to create some condensation and then wipe the condensation with the lens cleaning paper. This should get rid of most mildly sticky surface smudge. You don't really need any lens cleaning liquid or solution.

    Remember never wipe a lens surface with dry lens cleaning paper! Always breath on the lens first. Of course you should first swallow your saliva in case you have some residual oily food substance in your mouth.

    Good luck!

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    Oh.. thanx guys... guess i will be getting a blower and a piece of micro fibre cloth...
    erm... but how about stubborn stains??... will lens cleaning solution help??..


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