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Thread: Embedded photographer asked to leave

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    Photo District News' pdnonline features a story and slideshow on embedded freelance war photojournalist Zoriah Miller, who was covering the war in Iraq, then asked to leave after publishing photos of dead U.S. Marines in his blog.


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    its understandable why he was asked to leave.

    He should be asked to leave. Being a guest of the US side...he should respect the host and not post such images anywhere.

    Everyone know sometimes soldiers die, but they should be presented with honour, not showing them dead on the streets.

    He's not respectful of the host, and this 'journalism freedom' thing doesn't give him the right to show disrespect to men who have laid down their lives for their country.

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    Think we should refrain from posting into front page news forum. It just makes everything looks messy. All related discussions should belong to kopitiam forum.


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