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Thread: How HDB flats are priced affordably !

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    HDB housing used to be cheap but this is not true anymore. Why I say that? Look up north, an engineer with a few years experience makes 3-5k ringgit. An engineer here with a few years experience makes 3-5k in SGD. For 200k+ ringgit you can buy quite a nice condo in KL (new or almost new) with all the facilities (swimming pool, gym, security guard, tennis court, squash court even). Here, what can 200k+ SGD get you? In this market you can probably get a 40 year old 3 room HDB if you want to live reasonably close to town. A 3 room 40 year old flat in Queenstown costs anywhere from 250k - 300k btw, I checked.

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    From my last information, you can join with your parent only if they do not already have a HDB flat in their name. Ie, the same person cannot be part of two family nuclei.

    Family nucleus includes husband-wife and parent-child. In some situations, two singles can form the necessary nucleus to buy a resale flat.

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    I'm turning 26 this year, and thinking of getting a HDB flat (resale or BTO). Must I be married to be qualified? Or can I joint name with one of my parents to buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silence Sky View Post
    Anyway, I am always a complainer and anti authority because I have opposite views and negative feedbacks.
    You are absolutely entitled to your views mate.

    If its your wish to view the world or this country in a certain way, then more power to you.

    But like I mentioned before, this is a photography forum and while the Kopi Tiam subforum is a place for one and all to banter and share the more light-hearted moments in life, this does not translate to using it as a platform to air your grievances in regards to the short-comings of any given part of society/method of governance.

    As you so rightly mentioned, "I am always a complainer" (sic) and since that is the case, I would propose that you are able channel your complaints to the appropriate channel or to another platform/forum.

    The thread is hereby closed.

    Thank you.
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