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    Took a 5hr slow hike from macritchie to bukit timah ... it's a pity that the tree top walk is still not ready.
    Have to visit the place sometime again.

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    Good use of perspective in the third pic of the ants trail, and good colours in the last one! How to get into the trail? is it from the Bukit timah rd? Opposite Courts?

    Hong Sien

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    Nice series. How do you get there ? I think i'll go tomorrow

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    We started the journey at the east side of macritchie reservoir (yellow trail) ... followed purple trial ... at T-junction .. turn right and head towards rifle range road (red trail).

    The rest of the route to bukit timah is not visible from the map below... but just keep ur eyes open for signboards and maps along the way.
    Will pass by ST Aummunition, BKE, reservior (cant remember the name), then back into forest trail.... and u will emerge at the foothill of bukit timah nature reserve entrance.

    It's a long journey ... bring ample water, insect repellent and wear light clothing. For ladies .. not safe to hike alone.. please go in a grp otherwise as the trail deep within is very deserted.


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