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Thread: Recommend computer configuration for processing digital images?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollud View Post
    In any case, isn't CS4 the one where Adobe is talking about using GPU acceleration alongside CPU processing? If that's the case, than the operating system is no longer the bottleneck, which would render this argument completely and utterly pointless.
    er sorry to TS for the OT, but how does OS not being a bottleneck remove the advantage of allowing Photoshop access to more RAM?... its Photoshop that's using the RAM... and working with multiple large files, I believe that it would still be a factor, if only for the so-called "creative professionals" (which was the point of the original statement) ... that's also assuming GPU acceleration, if it comes out, works on both platforms...
    Quote Originally Posted by airmj View Post
    Does it matter if the graphic card output is only VGA? will DVI provide sharper or more accurate color reproduction?

    I heard the 30" lcds require double DVI outputs to support the huge resolutions.

    Most onboard motherboard cards are VGA only.
    VGA, being an analog format for connecting to a digital screen, would tend to be slightly less sharp than a digital format such as DVI (or HDMI and displayport) on such a screen... so it would be good to have DVI... there are motherboards with DVI or HDMI sockets so if these are available, that would be good... for the large 30" 4Mpixel monitors (or even higher resolution ones), what is needed is a dual link DVI output... don't know of any motherboard that has a dual link DVI socket... a cheap graphics card should do the trick if you need 30" monitors... most recent ones should have dual link DVI sockets... check the box or the specs for whether the card does support it...
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    Ah moderator...I lost sight of this thread as it was moved. No wonders...I was searching for it without success. Now I found it...many thanks for all contributors...

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    Why not best of both worlds. I recently setup a hackintosh. Can dual boot to XP or OSX Leopard natively. P35-ICH9, 4GB RAM, Q6600, tons of harddisk space. Hackintosh has proven to be really stable, in fact as stable as my macbook if I don't run parallels. btw, in mac, the grapfix card IS IMPORTANT as all graphic processing, 2D/rastering or 3D are off-loaded to the gpu which in turn allow the cpu for other OS level processing, resulting in better performance and stablility. I've personally tested it using a weak vga card versus a higher end one...loading fotos in CS3 bridge is indeed significantly slower using the weaker card!! but i could be wrong...

    my hackintosh is detected as a mac pro by leopard.

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