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    Talking Flash Diffuser

    Hi guys..

    Just need to hear your thoughts about the following diffusers.
    For general walk-about usage.( eg. travel, day or night shot, indoor or outdoor, birthday party indoor or outdoor, high or low ceiling)
    Don't wish to bring so many diffuser for travelling ofcoz... hehe
    Looking for one that can cover as many situations as possible..

    Read up posts about these diffusers and also read up from other websites...
    But still, hope to hear from you guys...
    Appreciate if you guys can give advises too..

    1) Lambancy LS Flash Diffuser
    2) Gary Fong LSII
    3) 3rd Party Whale Tail
    4) Gary Fong Whale Tail
    5) Stofen Omnibounce Diffuser
    6) 3rd party Omnibounce Diffuser

    Cheers & Thanks alot!!
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    Default Re: Flash Diffuser

    If you have really read up, then you should understand that there is no magic piece of equipment for all situations.

    Use the one YOU feel is the best for your usage and situation.
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    Default Re: Flash Diffuser

    The best for travel to me is A Better Bounce Card (ABBC)!
    Weighs almost nothing and is very flexible in usage.

    But for all the above mentioned, the omnibounce is the most compact.

    Whichever diffuser you choose, most important is knowing how to use it under different situations.
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    Default Re: Flash Diffuser

    I tink ABBC is definitely the best
    many pros, in fact most pros simply use bounce card =)

    in terms of compact...ABBC IS compact cuz yu can simply juz slot it into an empty space somewhere =)
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    Default Re: Flash Diffuser

    can consider the Demb Flip-It too. very versatile and compact to keep.


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