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Thread: 400D problem?

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    hi im using a canon 400D with 18-55mm IS lens. i wonder why when i set the settings to TV. and set to high shutter speed like maybe 1/2000 or 1/4000 with a ISO of 400 or so. i always get dark pictures even when i set the exposure to higher. is it camera problem? i want to take like water freezing kind. how..

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    there's not enough light,so when u set the shutter speed too high,light cannot reach the sensor fast enough,thus making it a blank picture,if u lower ur shutter speed to 1/125 might see something
    A wise man said, "Any available light is good light"

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    depends on the lighting available and your ISO settings. Try bumping the ISO up and using a slower shutter like 1/500 sec or so. If not use Av and use the brightest aperture available and see how is it.

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    if you want more light into your cam and a brighter pic, then mount your cam on a tripod, set iso to 100, set shutter speed to 30 or 50 second, the output pic should be bright enough.
    to freeze moving water droplets (not flowing water), need to use flash.

    if you dont want to carry a tripod then you may have to boast iso to 800.
    i dont think there should be much noise for canon cmos sensor.

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    omfg thanks bro it helped alot... so i guess every thing that wants a freezing motion needs a flash.

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    Bro, do some reading up on the 3 basics of photography,

    Shutter Speed

    Once you understand how these 3 work in tandem with each other,
    You'll be able to make technically correct photos.

    add me on msn la, i also use a 400d =)
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