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Thread: Show me your favorite galleries (Part VII: Macro)

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    Default Show me your favorite galleries (Part VII: Macro)

    It's absolutely important to see more and learn more. I would like to compile a page of good online galleries here. Please contribute your views. Prefer not showing your own gallery unless it's exceptionly good!


    - Megaweb @ Singapore
    - Mark Plonsky @ USA
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    I keep a very close eye on what is going on in the macro world . Quite a few don't have sites and there are a few that are REALLY getting good. Michael Keniston, David Gottlieb, Ron Day, all extraordinary in the macro Field IMHO.


    There will only ever be 1 Stephen Dalton. If you ever get a chance, buy his books. His book "Caught in motion" is just AMAZING. This guy is incredible. IMHO, he is simply the best there is.


    Mark Plonsky is easily in my top 10 macro shooters for sure.

    Check out Marks gallery


    Charles Chien. Extraordinary talent, quality and patience. Watched this guy for close on 5 years now. Amazing !!!!


    Mike Ash. Has the ability to give feeling in his macro work, very hard to achieve and not many can. He also goes through a lot of physical pain to shoot for certain reasons.


    Jeff Goh. Fine shooter from here, watched him grow so fast


    Johnny (megaweb). Of course one fine macro shooter. Love his work and talent.


    Those macro shooters should keep us all very humble with what they take and their talents.

    All the best folks and thanks rubric

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