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Thread: Lens for Graduation

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholasoh View Post
    Arrgh.. though i knw it still depends on my choice but i agree with both ends. now in a dilemma, headache sia..
    no dilemma lah buang....if u got no such lens, I dun suppose u go rush out to get 1 just to cover this event also. Unless you have a series of friends, sibblings, GF, BF going to graduate at 1 shot or u getting paid for it, then you can go buy 1. The guide to good investment must be in the way that you get at least 100% fully paid for this new tool. i.e u get to cover your new investment totally from this assignment, else you just have to rent or borrow.

    Quote Originally Posted by nicholasoh View Post
    I never tried a monopod before.. but it looks pretty unstable also.. can use tripod instead? or monopod have the same stability?
    Monopod is one of the best tool that you can get for your camera. IMO, unless you are a nature or studio photog, arbo the monopod is way way more worth to invest than a tripod.

    Try asking yourself. Most people started shooting seriously from outdoor photos for their families, friends in gatherings, events etc. Where got time to setup a tripod? When you take casual photo from your mobile phone, you rely on flash more than a sturdy tripod also. Even if you go tour, a big tripod and the rushing tour guide is never friendly to tripods....not mentioning the weight on your shoulder...machiam like run SOC with SBO liddat. If you want to include yourself, you can always ask the locals or friends, tour mate to take for you.

    Tripod are good to have as it teaches photog the importance of stability. Ah pek time photogs bo IS, VR all these nonsense so have to depend on tripod. And last time where got so many "no camera" signs around. So carrying a tripod around have very minimal restrictions. Unless you are on a specific learning shoot like fireworks, astro, nature, studio etc. Then a tripod is a must.

    A monopod in essence, is a tripod when used by a human photog unless you have 3 or 1 leg. The monopod when used correctly will form a tripod with the photog other 2 legs. And the monopod is a great helper anywhere anytime....even after 9-11. The monopod is light weight, feels right at hand because it can be used as a walking stick and can be used almost everywhere. Even when its at low light, in places where time and space are not allowed, with good shaolin leg stance and steady hand, you can still capture low shutter speed shot. I manage to capture fireworks with monopod and high ISO film before. Even though its not pin sharp, I can still get a ok image with IS on. Lastly, if you use them in foreign lands, the monopod serves a great protection tool tool!

    Quote Originally Posted by hairyharry View Post
    Sorry for crossing on your topic Mr/Mrs Nicholasoh as i
    have quite a same qn here.

    My qn is whats the best iso,aperture,shutter and white balance
    for you guys as i'm still new in this line. What i mean is usually
    what do you use for a graduation 'modes'.

    And i have 17-50mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8 and 70-200mm f2.8G IF-ED.
    Best one to use? It is for my wonderful sis wedding so i really need
    your help. Thank you guys. (:
    Hi Hairy,

    There is really no absolutely best settings for any occasions. I can tell u a set of settings but others will have different too. Some films photogs will set to manual and set all according to their understanding of their lighting conditions, subjects, lens limitation etc. Some prefer to set to Tv or Av mode and then let the internal metering do the rest.

    For a start, you can always turn it to the basic mode like indoor, action pre-settings that your body have - I'm assuming you don't have the 1 series bodies from Canon or nikons. Try shooting in these modes and see what you like and don't like. Then next time under similar environment, you then compensate for them. A good thing abt digital is that you get to see the results almost immediately and u learn from there again. All you need to do is to cast "freeze subject" then you just take again. But if you are on a event, then too bad, you just have to do it fast or bring home to do adjustment liao.

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    I dun think renting will be worth it. Min lens rental i think is above $20 while the official photog charges something like $12 for picture with cd?
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    i think leave the GOH shot to the official photographer (technically you shouldn't be able to get a better position than that person.. and besides.. the GOH will look at the official photographer rather than at you)..

    focus on taking good pics when your friend is out of the ceremony hall.. =)

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