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Thread: Websites - Event stock photography

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    I want to sell my photos. Simple as that. I want to cover events for my school and sell my photos to parents and the school. Kind of like stock photography.

    All im looking for is the steps in doing so, to start up a professional website and not a cheap flickr sort of acccount which i already have. I want a cart sort of option, just like amazon sort of.
    If anyone knows the steps and could list them here that would be fantastic

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    Default Re: Websites - Event stock photography


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    ive looked at that and it doesnt work for me.
    maybe pbase though but i think a personalised website would be better
    these days they are cheap and easy to find rather then a log in/username
    thanks for the suggestion tho
    keep em coming

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    Think you would have to make your own, rope in a designer to build you one, doubt there are many templates out their suited to your needs.

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    Are you looking to sell prints or soft copies?

    Some time back, I was looking at using gallery software. There are plugins available, but I am not too impressed with the performance (speed and server load)

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    get a web server, install Gallery, install the Checkout module and upload your pics. Not really that difficult.

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    Use paid photo hositing site e.g. or

    No need to set up site. Just shoot and upload.


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