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    Default Executive- Containerisation

    I'm seeking C&C for the below.

    Would very much appreciate if gurus could comment on the composition.

    Setup: 2 x wireless strobes to fill subject.
    Leica helps me calm down when i shoot.

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    I'm sorry but I don't grasp the concept of this picture. A small write-up would help. Since you are using 2 strobes to light up the subject, you should have metered the sky instead of getting it overexposed. Be careful of the flare too.

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    hi kruger, thanks for your reply...

    I've tried metering the sky, but then it would make the background underexposed so dark that you won't be able to make out what exactly are those. that was when i decided to average meters from the sky and background.

    I will keep your comments in mind, thanks.
    Leica helps me calm down when i shoot.


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