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Thread: BY2 Girl Power Party

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    Default BY2 Girl Power Party

    Date: 20th July 2008 (Sunday)
    Time: 5pm
    Venue: Powerhouse, St James Power Station
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    Can someone quickly remove this message by "megadream20"? Wrong place and very wrong topic. It doesn't belong to this community. PORN.
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    Default Re: BY2 Girl Power Party

    need entry passes?
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    Default Re: BY2 Girl Power Party

    can someone comfirm this?


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    Default Re: BY2 Girl Power Party

    Guys, some detail info here.

    Ocean Butterflies Music Forest will be presenting their newest artist group in St. James Power Station this month, together with their new album. Presenting the newest pop group: By2

    Get high with BY2 at their debut local showcase - BY2 Girl Power Party this coming July! This exciting showcase will take place at Power House, St. James Power Station making BY2 the first ever artiste to perform there. You might have heard of BY2ís electrifying stage presence and their inimitably fine dance routines; this is the chance to witness their talents for yourselves - seeing is believing! BY2 Girl Power Party is a tribute to fans, Nokia supporters as well as participants of this music revolution! Come on and be a part of BY2ís Girlie affair!

    BY2 Girl Power Party '08

    Date: Sunday, July 20, 2008
    Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
    Location: PowerHouse, St James Power Station

    By2 @ Powerhouse Signup

    Quoted from the site :
    This is an open event. Anyone can join and invite others to join.
    If cannot go in, don't blame me....

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    Default Re: BY2 Girl Power Party

    well i remember there was a site where you could apply for passes.. so i guess ya you need passes to get in.


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