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Thread: Proportion tool for visual crop?

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    Default Proportion tool for visual crop?

    Just wondering whether such a tool exist or whether you guys have anything home-made that can perform the above function.

    Many a times, i would endeavour to visually crop a print; say a 4R PRINT using some paper or post-it before i send it to the printers for cropping and enlargement (and yes... i'm doing film so the photoshop option is out for the moment). However, it is difficult to maintain the proportions using the crude method above and tedious to do manual calculations... like interpolating a proportion of 2:3 (4R, S8R), 4:5 (8R) when i've selected the width/height to be of a certain length (like width of 2.37849) .

    Is there any "framer" in the market or something homemade that would allow me to visually crop a picture yet indicating and maintaining the proportions?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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