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Thread: 14-24mm for ROM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkuean View Post

    So i tink i would just stick with my kit lens as my primary lens.... as thats the one i'm more familar with....

    But my hand still itchly le.....
    See how la...hahas

    Anyway have any of ur all shot at the tenah merah country club before? hows the place like?
    I've shot a wedding with the 18-135 as the main lens. It's pretty good cos of the range and in hotel room or hdb flat, 135 is alot of zoom and u can really zoom pretty close. But having said that, aperture is still a bit slow, bokeh can't compare with a f2.8 lens. So if u're not aiming too much of bokeh, then should be ok lens to use.

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    Default Re: 14-24mm for ROM?

    the problem with a nice fast lens is that newbies tend to use it wide open all the time.

    so if your hab=nd still itchy go rent the 17-55 f2.8 but remember not to use f2.8 unless you have to

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukesky View Post
    Wah i salute u man, a whole wedding with just a prime? U're not the main PG right? Else how u handle all the group shots?
    Not main PG. But still paid PG.

    This is merely to illustrate the fact that the lens you use must suit your intention and style. And given "limitations", it is still possible to achieve the kind of results you desire (but of course, it becomes a bit more challenging then). It's difficult to recommend lenses for an event that involves quite a bit of personal interpretation.
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    oh okay... i tink i should just cut off my itchy hands la... hahahs...

    But Seriously, i would just be sticking to my kit lens and the Sb800 to my main body and my 85/1.8 on the other body...
    And pray hard that my skills are up to par and be able to take nice shots....

    Oh yar , did anybody shoot in the Tenah Merah Country club before?
    Btw... I doing this for free... i'm not paid...
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