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Thread: bringing s602z overseas (2-3 yrs): what to take note?

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    Default bringing s602z overseas (2-3 yrs): what to take note?

    I'm going to UK to study for a few years and will be bringing my trusty s602z with me plus flash, 2 +4 close-up filters, 1 Cir-Pol, 4 sets x 4 batteries and the Rayovac 1Hr quick charger.

    I'm unsure about the weather conditions there. How can I take care of my camera there? Any issue with voltage?

    Are batteries expensive there? Whatabout digital printing costs?

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    Hehe, the fuji s602z is not common in the UK and it's expensive there.

    Weather in the winter is usually gloomy, i.e. foggy, hazy, raining. Bright sunny days are much less frequent. Your camera will be fine.

    Voltage is 240V, adapter is three prongs (same as Singapore).

    As for batteries, they are expensive in UK and VAT is 17.5% so buy your items before going to UK.


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