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Thread: when using extension tube

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    hey guys,
    i've just got an extension tube to play with, and as it's those normal tubes, the metering dont work.

    I'm unable to set my aperture.
    i would like to ask, when using such tubes, how do i set my exposures?
    i can only set my shutter speed.

    Thanks in advance

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    What camera are you using, and what lenses are you using?

    If there's no manual apeture control ring on the lens itself, it becomes a bit difficult, but not impossible.

    With some systems like Canon EOS, You'll have to activate the lense stop-down function at whatever aperture you want, hold it down/activated, then remove the lens. The aperture should remain physically stopped down.

    Then re-mount the lens on the tube, and mount the whole she-bang back onto the camera.

    Besides being inconvenient, the major problem with using a set-up like this is that if you're using a very small aperture, it's very difficult to focus and compose.

    If you're using manual tubes, the logical choice would be manual lenses with full manual control. Most fully manual lenses offer superb performance (sometimes better than AF counterparts) and are usually very cheap.


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    hmm i'm using 40D together with my 50mm 1.4 & 70-200 f4
    Trying out with those two lens.

    hmm not how to do the lense stop-down function, any help? =x

    sorry for the newbie qns, but what's manual aperture ring? does all macro ring have that?

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    1) Use Av mode, select the aperture you want, press the DOF button, it should be a small button on bottom left side below lens mounted on camera. (Read manual if still blur.)
    2) While holding it, remove the lens from the camera.
    3) Mount extension tube and lens back onto the camera.
    4) Enjoy shooting macro.

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    I think you got yourself those tube without electrical connection. (non AF type) so the only way is to mount lens on body without the tube 1st, set aperture using Av mode, press the preview button (somewhere near the lens mount on the bottom) and remove the lens while the preview is still held. Den mount the tube and lens. Manual focus and shoot.

    You know all the disadvantages of using a manual tube so better get one with AF.

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    Thanks! will try it out tml.
    hmm not really into macro yet, thats y i just got the non-AF tubes to try out only


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